Norfork Lake Fishing Report 6-12-24

There are many memories and great times to be experienced on Norfork Lake, whether you are fishing, boating, swimming or playing on your favorite lake toy. I had another fun morning fishing on Norfork Lake, but being on the lake is always fun no matter what you are doing. The lake is warm and inviting. […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 6-11-24

Glen, a good friend and I had a great early morning striped bass fishing. We both were using Tater Shads. I was using copper rose and Glen started out with key lime. After I landed my third striper Glen switched to copper rose and started landing fish. It is really funny on how color patterns […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 6-6-24

I have not been out on the lake since Tuesday and probably will not be on it until Sunday or Monday. I should be going through withdrawals by that time. I hope I can survive it. LOL Some of our guests are having a great time catching striped bass, hybrid bass, crappie, walleye and largemouth […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 6-4-24

I had lots of fun this early morning. or as my wife would say late last night. I was out fishing at a little after 4AM. I dropped my green light down about 10 ft and within about 20 minutes bait was surrounding my boat. I have attached a photo of my live scope image. […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 6-3-24

The lake was calling my name this morning so I was out with my bait in the water at about 4:AM. My green light was down, and the bait started coming to the light fairly quickly. It wasn’t long until the predators showed up and I was catching fish. I was using my normal in […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 6-2-24

I made it out on the lake this morning, but a little later than I wanted. I did not start fishing until about 5AM, but the bait and fish were waiting for me. There were whites from the surface down to about 40 feet. The stripers were 35 to 70 feet deep. I was using […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 5-30-24

Amanda and Ben are having a blast. After seeing how well a green light draws in bait yesterday, Ben found one locally and was using it this morning. They caught their thread fin shad just by dipping a landing net into the school of bait fish. Sure beats casting out a big heavy cast net. […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 5-29-24

There was some severe weather last weekend in our area. We were very fortunate not to have any damage, but many others in the area sustained major damage to docks and homes. We send our prayers out to all that were affected by the storms. I have finally made it out on the lake. I […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 5-24-24

We would like to wish all, a happy and safe Memorial Holiday weekend. This may be my last Norfork Lake Fishing Report until the beginning of next week. Happy fishing to some and to others have a great time enjoying our beautiful Norfork Lake. It is time to break out those skis, tubes, boards and […]

Norfork Lake Fishing Report 5-22-24

A couple of us at Hummingbird Hideaway Resort had a great day fishing for striped bass. I was on the lake around 4:30AM. I set out my green light on a main lake bluff wall point to draw in bait. A small school of bait came to the boat, but not the number that I […]