There are many memories and great times to be experienced on Norfork Lake, whether you are fishing, boating, swimming or playing on your favorite lake toy. I had another fun morning fishing on Norfork Lake, but being on the lake is always fun no matter what you are doing. The lake is warm and inviting.

I fished two different areas this morning. I was in 100+ feet of water in both locations. I started fishing in the first spot at about 4:15AM with my green light. Bait was still in the area and was 25 feet thick starting on the surface. Whites were inside of the bait and the bigger fish were below the bait from around 40 feet down to 70 ft. I ended up landing 3 striped bass and 1 hybrid. The fish either hit my Tater Shad on a very slow fall or on a very slow reel up. I only had about an hour in this area, since when it got light out (5 – 5:15AM) the bait and fish started to disperse. At about 5:30 I headed to the second area along a bluff wall. There was bait on the surface and scattered stripers 30 to 90 feet deep. They would not take my Tater Shad so I switched to a 1 ounce green with white belly Binks spoon. When there were 3 or 4 fish under me, they all would chase the spoon up when I quickly raised the bait as high as I could then let it free fall back down. One fish would hit the spoon on the fall. These fish were larger than at my first spot. The first area the fish I landed were in the 8 – 10 pound range, which is the average size you can expect to catch. The first fish caught in the second area was in the 13 to 14 pound range. What a great battle. I ended up landing 6 stripers/hybrids in total along with a few white bass. The second area was one of the areas I scouted out yesterday.  Oh, by the way, all of my fish today were released on site to be caught another day.

The surface water temperature this morning was around 78-79 degrees. The lake level is 560.62 ft msl. The water is clear on the main lake and slightly stained in the creeks & coves. The water level is rising very slowly at this time. Be careful out on the lake as there may some floating debris due to the rise in water. I did not notice much floating this morning,

Hummingbird Hideaway Resort still has cabins available during June and July. Summer fishing and family vacation fun time is here. Give us a call with any questions or for reservations at 870-492-5113. If you have not been to Norfork Lake before you will absolutely fall in love with it! If you have visited in the past, it’s time to come back!

Enjoy Norfork Lake in the Arkansas Ozark.