I got to fish with my daughter, Keri, this morning. I headed to the same creek as yesterday. There were not as many fish today and they were somewhat finicky. I will blame it on the east wind. LOL We had the opportunity to land 2 bigger fish, but one came unhooked then Keri landed this big hybrid. The fish were in 70 to 80 feet of water near a creek channel swing. We dipped into 50 – 60 feet of water and the screen lit up with lots of fish at all depths. It was one monster white bass after another for a period of time. We were jigging a Binks spoon for the whites and a white trash Tater Shad for the bigger fish. The whites were inhaling the spoons while hitting them on the fall. The fish started to show up around 6AM and we headed back to the resort around 8AM. We have plenty of fish for a great fish taco dinner this evening.

The lake surface temp was about 85 degrees this morning on the main lake and creeks. The water level is slowly rising and sits at 560.02 ft msl. There is a thermocline formed around 25+ feet deep. The water is clear on the main lake and slightly stained in the creeks.

Hummingbird Hideaway Resort has had a few cancellations recently which opens up a couple 3 bedroom cabins and a few 1 and 2 bedroom cabins. These cabins are available during various weeks in July. Give us a call for details if you are looking for a great place for a family vacation or just a quiet get away on the lake. Call at 870-492-5113. Fishing can also be good this time of year. Along with catching striped bass, the large mouth are still surfacing back in the creeks and the crappie are biting.

Come make some everlasting memories on Norfork Lake in the Arkansas Ozarks.