I had lots of fun this early morning. or as my wife would say late last night. I was out fishing at a little after 4AM. I dropped my green light down about 10 ft and within about 20 minutes bait was surrounding my boat. I have attached a photo of my live scope image. This image shows that the numbers of fish were pretty consistent from the time I was fishing until it started get light out. You can see bait from the surface down to about 18 feet. Below the bait to about 35 feet there are white bass, hybrids and 6 to 7 pound stripers. The arcs you see below 40 ft down to about 68 feet are the bigger stripers in the 10+ pound range. The deeper fish are much more finicky on what they eat, but they will bite with some coaxing. I landed 4 stripers, 1 hybrid and 6 big fat white bass in about 1.5 hours of fishing. My 3 striper photos are arranged from the biggest to the smallest. The hybrid was the last fish caught on a fast reel up just as it was getting light out. The whites were hitting my copper rose Tater Shad on the fall, especially with a slow fall instead of a freefall. Today, for whatever reason they seemed to not like the key lime Tater Shad. I just kept switching up colors until I started catching fish. This isn’t to say a bigger striped bass will not be up closer to the bait. I am basing my report on what I have been catching and at what depths I’ve seen over the last several days. The zero on the top is in line with where my transducer is located. Depending on which side of the bow I drop my bait, I will be from the 10 feet mark on the left to the zero mark in the center. I just have a blast fishing with my livescope. Trying to target individual fish and to see how they react to different movements of the bait. All my fish today were released on site.

The surface water temperature this morning was around 78 degrees. The lake level is 558.95 ft msl. The lake conditions have remained stable from yesterday. 

Hummingbird Hideaway Resort still has cabins available during June and July. Summer family vacation fun time is here. Give us a call with any questions or for reservations at 870-492-5113. If you have not been to Norfork Lake before you will absolutely fall in love with it!

Enjoy Norfork Lake in the Arkansas Ozark.