I had a great day this morning. I only fished at 2 different spots. One was in the main lake in the dark. I drew in lots of bait with my submerged green light. It took about 30 minutes for the bait to show, then white bass came in to feed on the bait. The white bass bite was awesome, all were caught on a white trash Tater Shad. I sat in one spot and caught a boat load of whites before stripers moved in. They were all 40 to 60 feet deep. I should have had my limit, but the first 2 fish broke off. I figured the first one would be tough to get in since I didn’t retie after landing over 20 whites. The third striper I got to land. By this time it was getting light out and the bait and fish dispersed. I then headed back into a creek where I found fish 2 days ago. They were in the same spot but still hesitant to bite. I was not marking any bait in this area. The stripers were all 40 ft to 60+ feet down. A large school came under me on the bottom, and I dropped the Tater Shad right in the middle of the school and it was hammered. After a lengthy 30 minute battle I landed a nice 38 inch, 20+pound striped bass. I had to chase him as he almost spooled me with his first run. What a blast. Guests are having fun fishing in the mornings and afternoons catching all species of fish in Norfork Lake. The lake is warming, the stripers seem to be moving deeper, and are being found both in the main lake and in the deep mouths of the creeks. 

The surface water temperature was almost 73 degrees in the main lake this morning. The lake level is on a slow rise due to the rain we have been having. The lake level currently sits at 557.22 ft msl.

Enjoy Norfork Lake in the Arkansas Ozarks!