Hummingbird Hideaway Resort has quite a few first timers to Norfork Lake as well as some who have caught their first striped bass. It has been fun for all. Here are a few of the photos that I have received from our guests over the last two days. The excitement in their faces says it all. We have fishermen fishing for different species in the lake: largemouth, crappie, catfish, and striped bass.

There is still a good bite in the dark as long as you find the bait. The fish will be feeding. I ended up landing 3 striped bass and broke off another one. I also caught several white bass. I was using a Tater Baits Tater Shad in the key lime color. Shad are still spawning in different areas of the lake. They are typically shallow, attaching their eggs to anything in the area. I was however, actually out in deep water today and they were spawning on my boat at the same time I was catching fish. Take a look at the photo of John’s boat with his secret weapon. You can drop a green light into the lake, and it will attract Plankton which is the food source for shad. When the shad shows up the predators will typically follow. The bait has also started moving out into deeper water. Now is the time you need to always keep your eyes looking for white water as the striped bass, white bass, hybrid bass and black bass are all waiting to feed on the shad. Topwater action has started, and it will get better as the shad continues its spawn. 

The surface water temperature was a little over 68 degrees in the main lake. The lake level is on a slow rise due to all the rain that our water shed received from up in Missouri. The lake level currently sits at 556.08 ft msl.

Enjoy Norfork Lake in the Arkansas Ozarks!