It was a bad day for walleye and crappie today. LOL I saw a lot of big crappie coming into the dock today. The best method of fishing for them was trolling Flicker Minnows in size 5 or 7. They seem to be high up in the water column. There were various colors being used, but purple seemed to be a big hit. The crappie were roaming in coves and creeks at all different depths of water. Some are on the tops of brush piles and others are scattered out in the cove. Most of my guests are trolling with their trolling motor at 1.2 to 1.4 mph. Big walleye were also coming in today. There were various methods for catching this species. A couple of guests fished in the vary early hours of morning. There is no moon, so it is dark. Casting a 3.5 inch swimbait in white or sexy shad color patterns were working the best with a 3/8 ounce jig head in white or chartreuse. A few walleye were caught while guests were trolling for crappie with Flicker Minnows. I found quite a few at sunrise on a main creek point that had the creek channel swinging in close to the point. I started catching them on the bottom in 40 feet of water. As the sun came up, they seemed to go deeper following the drop off from the point to the bottom of the channel. By 7:30AM I was catching them 70 feet down and I was sitting in 80 feet of water. All my walleye were caught using either a white trash or a copper rose color in the Tater Baits, Tater Shad. They were spitting up small 1.5 inch threadfin shad. I ended up landing 6 keepers and 1 short. I was planning to release all, but when they started coming up from 70 feet down, I decided to keep my limit. My plans today was to do a little searching for striped bass, but the walleye took over my striper spot and it was a lot of fun. I did hook into one striper early in the morning, but he broke me off. I had to be back to the resort early, so I left feeding fish. Linda is out of town watching one of the granddaughters in a team competition for Destination Imagination in Dallas, Tx. The surface water temp was 57 – 59 degrees. The lake level is holding fairly stable at 553.71 ft msl. 

Happy fishing all!