It was a fun morning of fishing on Norfork Lake. I waited until the radar was clear of thunderstorms and made it out on the lake at around 4AM. The light rain was not finished, but there was no thunder or lightning in the area anymore. Warm weather and virtually no wind, just how I like it when I am fishing in the dark. I started on a main lake point on the shallow side of the lake. I had caught several short walleyes in this area yesterday morning. This morning nothing was happening so I moved across the lake close to where the channel was swinging in to a small cut in the rocks. I was sitting in about 60+ feet of water. I was casting in towards the shoreline using a 3.5 inch paddle tail swimbait in a sexy shad color pattern on a chartreuse 3/8 ounce jig head. I started counting down 3 to 4 seconds and it did not take long to land 3 nice walleyes. I could see fish down at about 30 to 40 feet on my livescope. I tried jigging for them with a Tater Shad but they would look and then swim away. I switched to casting my swimbait and counting down 7 to 8 seconds. The white bass hit this bait with each cast. It was starting to get light out and I had not found any striped bass yet. I headed back into a creek where I was fishing last week. I was near a deepwater channel swing next to a point. There were striped bass and white bass in the area 30 to 60 feet down. I managed to land one striped bass and more white bass. The stripers were being finicky and swam up to my Tater Shad quickly, then stopped and swam away. Livescope is amazing! You can actually see these fish and what they are doing. It can get a little frustrating to see the fish looking at my bait and not taking it. LOL I had to be back at the resort by 8:30 so I headed home at about 8AM. I was fishing the mid lake area for my third spot. The main lake surface water temp was 58 – 60 degrees and the creek was slightly above 60 degrees. The lake continues its slow steady fall and sits at 554.23 ft msl. The lake is clearing up nicely. I ended up cleaning the walleye, striper and 1/2 of the white bass that I caught today. One of my workers, doing some painting was wanting some fish. I gave him a couple gallon sized zip lock bags stuffed full of filets.