Happy Easter! Three generations of the Fink family are having a great time fishing and playing at Hummingbird Hideway Resort on Norfork Lake. The newest member of the family is getting acquainted with what fishing is all about. What fun. Fishing and catching was much better yesterday. Today was on the slow side. The lake is warming quickly, so I believe the fish need to get used to the 60+ degree water. It won’t take long and the fish will be energized. The Fink boys caught a little of everything yesterday, striped bass, walleye, crappie, largemouth and white bass. They were casting swimbaits and jigging Tater Shads. John’s big bass was slightly less than 5 pounds. I did not fish yesterday but did manage to get out early this morning. I headed to my striped bass spot. I found only a few stripers suspended from 30 to 60 feet down in 60 to 90 feet of water. The ones I found did not seem interested in taking what I was offering. I did catch several walleye, one a being a really nice 24 inch fish. They all were suspended 60 feet down in 90 feet of water. I don’t understand why they were so deep with no bait at this depth. The big guy was cleaned and will become sweet & sour fish for dinner this evening. (One of our favorite Chinese dishes.) The walleye that was cleaned had already spawned and had nothing in its belly. They will start their post spawn feed very shortly. I checked out a few other creeks on my way home and found lots and lots of bait all the way back in the creeks. The bait started to show up once I got to 20 feet of water and it continue back as far as I could go. Not many fish were on the bait when I was there, but I bet the bass were going crazy earlier in the morning. I think I will check it out in the morning to see if the fish have found it. The wind was blowing into the creek. The lake continues to fall and sits at 554.67 ft msl. The main lake was 58 to 60 degrees and clear. The creeks surface temp was 60 – 62 degrees and slightly stained. Hope everyone is having a great day and is enjoying some family time.