It has been a while since I have posted a fishing report. I have not actually spent much time on the lake over the past week with all the nasty weather, resort work and Linda’s Cataract surgery. She is doing great and loves being able to see clearly again. I had a plan to check out new parts of the lake after receiving around 2+ inches of rain on Monday. One of our frequent guests checked in yesterday so I asked him this morning if he wanted to go along with me. We headed south of the resort and checked out creeks and coves. We arrived at the first mid lake creek right before sunrise and found lots and lots of bait with a group of birds feeding away about 3/4 of the way back into the creek. We searched and fished a little, but never marked or found any fish. Boy, if I were a fish I would be feeding in this area! We headed to the next cove on my itinerary and again found many birds flying around but didn’t find any bait. We were getting ready to move and noticed a group of seagulls diving into the water, so we headed in their direction. Once I stopped and dropped the trolling motor my livescope lit up. There were big arcs 30 to 50 feet down in 80 feet of water. We dropped a couple of Tater Shads, but I had equipment malfunctions. I was trying to fish with gloves, big mistake, and got a big rats nest in my reel. Next my livescope stopped working. I have not recharged in a while. So needless to say, I was preoccupied fixing the reel and livescope and did not get a bait down to the fish. John was successful. He dropped his bait into the school of stripers and started to reel up super slow and was hammered by this nice size striped bass. I still was not marking any bait, but with the birds & fish feeding, there must have been bait around. I guess it was scattered out. I still wanted to check out one more area before heading back to the resort. It was another very large cove. Again, there were birds in the water, but we never marked a fish or bait, so we headed back to the resort. Our other guests have been out fishing and catching some nice bass, but no stripers yet. The weather is to become a little more stable starting today and will start to warm up again. I would say in the next couple of days the bite will be getting good again for all species. Check out the back of creeks and coves for bait and fish. With all the fresh water coming into the lake the fish will move back to the flowing water. The lake temperature has dropped to around 53. 5 – 54 degrees. The lake level has risen 1.75 feet and sits at 555.51 ft msl.