Norfork Lake Fishing Report by Lou of Hummingbird Hideaway Resort 870-492-5113

Over the last week we saw a big cold front with a major winter storm come through. After the weather improved, I was able to get back on the lake and found that not much had changed except for a slight drop in water temperature. I have mainly striped bass fished the last several days and found the bait and fish in the same areas as before the storm. There is alot of bait near deep water channels as well as right in the channel. When you find these massive schools of bait, you need to start looking with your depth finder until you locate the feeding fish. The fish are feeding anywhere from 20 feet down to 60 feet in 70 to 95 feet of water. I mainly have been vertical jigging with a one-ounce white spoon. I keep my bait at 30 or 40 feet down and when fish come though at a different depth I either reel up or drop the spoon down. You will need to figure out how many feet of line per crank of your particular reel to get the to right depth. When trying to go deeper, figure out how fast your lure drops so you can count down to get to the proper depth. Live bait is also working very well. I have also trolled Berkley
Flicker Minnows set at 30 to 40 feet down and have picked up some nice fish. My fishing area has not changed. I am finding fish from the Cranfield area down to the 101 Boat Dock area. Find the bait and the stripers should be nearby.

Norfork Lake surface water temperature is holding in the 44 – 46 degree range but may start to rise slowly with the spring type weather we are having. The lake level is fluctuating a little up, then down with intermittent power generation. The current lake level sits at 552.19 ft. msl. The lake remains slightly stained.

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Happy Fishing and enjoy Norfork Lake.

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