Norfork Lake Fishing Report by Lou of Hummingbird Hideaway Resort 870-492-5113

The Memorial Holiday weekend had absolutely gorgeous weather here on Lake Norfork. This holiday brings on the summertime lake lovers. This does not mean that the fishing season is over, it just means the fishing patterns will change. Bring the family and enjoy the quiet early morning fishing experience then during the heat of the day enjoy the lake a different way by swimming, tubing, skiing or whatever type of water sport you enjoy.

I have mainly been fishing for striped bass the last couple of weeks and the bite has been good once I find the fish. The higher water level has altered the timing of the typical fishing patterns, but during the last week, I found that striped and hybrid bass are starting to do what they normally do this time of year. I am starting to find large schools feeding in the dark and they continue feeding until the sun rises above the tree line.
Once the sun gets high in the sky, they head out into deeper water and start to go toward the bottom. This morning I was fishing with a couple of my guests and found a huge school of fish feeding on shad. The fish were suspended from the surface down to 40 feet and we were actually sitting in 100+ feet of water. Live bait was working great. As it started to get light, the bait and fish left this main lake area. I then headed partway back into a couple of different creeks and found some good topwater action for hybrids, and then found stripers lying on the bottom in 50 - 60 feet of water, with a few suspended 30 to 40 feet down. My problem this morning was that I was only geared to live bait fish and did not have any of my topwater rods with me, so pitching live bait worked in a pinch. :-) Trolling with umbrella rigs or large swimbaits will work great as long as you get them down to at least 25 feet if not deeper for the suspended fish. Vertical jigging with a 1 ounce spoon will work for the fish on the bottom.

The largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass bite has also been good. Many of this species are hiding out close to or inside of the sunken buck brush early and late in the day. Worms, spinners and swimbaits are all producing some nice fish coming off the shoreline. Topwater baits are also working well early and late in the day. Once the sun gets high in the sky, fish the outside edge of the brush or at the old normal pool shoreline which would be roughly be at 18 - 20 feet. Creature baits, jig & pigs or other plastics worked slowly on the bottom with pick up some big bass. The bite has been very light so watch your line carefully and if you start to see it swim away set the hook.

Norfork Lake water level is slowly rising and currently sits at 571.40. The surface water temperature this morning was in the mid to upper 70's. Most of the mainlake, creeks and coves are clear to just slightly stained.

Happy fishing and see you on the lake.

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