Norfork Lake Fishing Report by Lou of Hummingbird Hideaway Resort 870-492-5113

Norfork Lake is in its summer pattern. Fish are going deeper as the thermocline continues to drop. The thermocline appears to be in the 22 - 30 feet range depending where you are located on the lake.

Striped bass fishing continues to be very good. The best artificial method has been vertical jigging with a spoon. If you are trolling use a large swimbait or an umbrella rig with the same swimbaits attached to it. Live bait ( threadfin or gizzard shad and large shiners), has been working the best for me. I am catching stripers 40 to 70 feet deep in 45 to 100 feet of water. Most of the fish I've caught over the last week that were 40 feet down have been hybrids. The striped bass has been deeper. Locations for the striped bass have not really changed much since my last report. I am finding them on the main lake as well as in some of the creeks. Channel swings where the water drops off to 80+ feet very close to shore are one of the best areas. Long points where the channel is close are also holding some really good fish. I am finding striped bass from the 62 bridge area all the way down towards and beyond Hudson Point, a little east of the dam.

Largemouth bass fishing has also been good. There is still some good topwater action right before sun up and as the sun is setting. Other times of the day you need to look for these fish on or slightly below the thermocline. Brush piles near the thermocline are also holding some nice fish.

Catfish and walleye have also been biting very well. I have caught some really nice sized channel and blue cats on live shad while fishing for striped bass. Most of the catfish came from 60 to 70 feet deep close to the bottom, especially when I have found deep bait. The same, as above, holds true for the walleye. You will also find nice walleye below the thermocline especially early and late in the day. Crawler harnesses are work very well, as well as, live larger minnows.

Norfork Lake level is holding fairly stable and currently sits at 555.28 feet above sea level. Periodic power generation is occurring to hold the level close to the current normal seasonal pool. The surface water temperature is in the 86 - 90 degree range. The main lake is clear with some of the coves and creeks slightly stained.

Happy fishing and see you on the lake.

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