Fishing Derby Rules

Hummingbird Hideaway Resort 2022 Fishing Derby

Official Derby Rules

In order to qualify for the Derby, please read carefully.
1: Period - The Derby period lasts from March 1, 2022 through and including December 15, 2022.
2: Eligibility – All entrants must be a guest at Hummingbird Hideaway Resort. All men, women and children are eligible regardless of age. All entrants aged 16 and older must be the holder of a valid Arkansas fishing license. Derby registration must be completed and fees paid prior to fishing in this Derby.
3: Eligible Fish Species – Four species; Striped Bass (hybrid & striped bass), Crappie, Walleye and Bass
(largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass).
4: Registration and Entry Fees – All registrations are to be completed and signed at Hummingbird Hideaway Resort prior to fishing. An individual entry fee is $25 for all 3 species. A Family entry fee is $35 for all 3 species, and will include the spouse and all children under the age of 16. This is a one time registration fee good for the
entire Derby Period as long as you are a current guest of Hummingbird Hideaway Resort.
5: Fishing Locations and Techniques – Eligible fish must be caught in Norfork Lake. Eligible fish may
be caught from a boat, from the shoreline or from Hummingbird Hideaway Resort's dock. (Commercial marina
docks are off-limits. No fishing by boat is allowed within 50 ft of any Commercial marina dock.) All fish
must be caught by using a fishing rod and reel. Live bait or artificial bait is eligible. Fish caught while
fishing with a guide service do qualify as eligible fish to the Derby as long as the entrants Derby registration was completed prior to fishing. All fish being submitted must be of legal length limit according to the Arkansas Game & Fish Regulations for Norfork Lake.
6: Qualified Fishing Times – Derby hours are considered to be 24 hours per day for the duration of the
Derby. Fish caught may be entered into the Derby from the date of Check-in through the date of Check-out. You may fish in the Derby and submit a qualified fish as many times at you like during the Derby period as long as you are a registered guest.
7: Scoring Procedures – All fish submitted to the Derby will be scored by total length to the nearest 1/8
of an inch. There will be a measuring tape located on the dock.  Fish to be submitted will be set on
the measuring tape with the mouth touching the stop at zero (0). A digital photo is to be taken of the fish
on the measuring tape showing the mouth touching the stop at zero and the tail at the total length. (Refer
to the following diagram of measuring procedure.) The fisherman and women may take the photo with
their digital camera or contact Hummingbird Hideaway Resort to take the picture. A second photo must
be taken of the person entering the fish holding the fish. Both photos are to be sent digitally to Hummingbird Hideaway Resort for final submission. Be certain that the photo has a clear picture of the fish on the measuring device showing the mouth on the zero and that the total length is legible.
8: Ties – In case of ties, the prize money will be distributed equally among the winners.
9: Awards – Each winning entrant with the longest fish will be awarded a guaranteed $350 first place cash prize for each species of Striped Bass, Crappie and Bass. The winner of the longest Walleye will win a free 3 night stay. No need to be present at end of tournament to receive prize. Prizes will be awarded within seven days of the close of the Derby.
10: Waver of Liability - All entrants shall recognize that their signature on a Derby registration form is a waiver of liability, absolving Hummingbird Hideaway Resort and its owners and employees of any and all damages or liability growing out of the contest by entering in or otherwise participating in the Derby. This Waver of Liability is also considered as approval of and permission for use of any likeness and photos in promotional opportunities by Hummingbird Hideaway Resort.
11: Safety, Sportsmanship, Courtesy and Conservation – are expected from each entrant and participant at all times. Any infractions of these fundamental sporting principals may be deemed cause for disqualification. All state and federal laws apply.
12:  The rules of this Derby will be interpreted and amended solely by Hummingbird Hideaway Resort. Their decisions will be considered final in all matters including but not limited to length of fish in photo.
13:  The Official Derby Rules and the Official Derby Entry Form are considered to be one document and by signing the Official Derby Entry Form you are agreeing to honor and abide by all Official Derby Rules.

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